The aim of Heli Land’s project is to create a theme park based around an outdoor miniature international airport. This park would be to aviation what Swiss Vapeur is to the rail.

Imagine the runways which get illuminated when ambient luminosity decreases, aircrafts which are getting airborne while others are approaching and landing. Imagine a whole traffic on the tarmac with airplanes, buses and luggage tracks.

Imagine airplane acrobatic patrols with colors of sponsor companies doing acrobatic shows in the sky above the airport.

Airplanes, helicopters, choppers, buses and other vehicles are all electric and controlled thanks to cameras on board.

For airplanes, this technology is called “flight-per-view”.

Controlling an aircraft in flight-per-view mode is much easier and much more precise than controlling it while watching at it from the ground.

This technology allows before all formation flying which is totally impossible without a camera on board.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn flying airplanes and helicopters. This learning will occur in trainer / trainee dual mode. These trainees will then have the opportunity to pass theoretical and practical exams in order to obtain the flight license which will allow them to fly in solo.

These licensed pilots will be useful to the park as they will, among others, let live the miniature airport.